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[ish_icon_text]CHILDHOOD DREAM is a young video game studio based in Marseille. It is composed of enthusiasts of visual creations, video games and animated films.

Our first game in pre-production is called « The Crystal Raiders Tales« :

Dive into a new galaxy and explore it through an old-school role-playing game; with modern technologies. Imagine a Baldur’s Gates, or a Pillars of Eternity more recently, in a world of science fiction inspired by the cult films and games of the 1980s and 1990s[/ish_icon_text]

[ish_icon_text align= »left »]The studio : CHILDHOOD DREAM

Creation date : 01/08/2018
Location : Marseille, France

Web : www.childhood-dream.com
eMail : studio@childhood-dream.com


[ish_icon_text align= »left »]The game : The Crystal Raiders Tales

Release date : 2020
Plateforms : PC / Mac then PS4 / Xbox / Switch

Web : www.thecrystalraiderstales.com


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In 1983, you played a teenager whose days were divided between arcade, cinema and fast food. During a night at your grandparents’ house, you discover a secret room in the basement of the barn. Following a series of bad decisions, an alien commando emerges from an intergalactic portal and captures your grandfather.

You are propelled into an unknown world for an epic adventure.
Explore the galaxy, visit colourful planets, face persistent enemies, meet your adventure companions and fulfill the prophecy to find your grandfather.


  • Style: cRPG – Point&Click
  • Universe: Science Fiction (80’s – 90’s)
  • Target group: Adults / Teens


  • Films: Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Back to the Future, StarGate, H2G2.
  • Series: Firefly, Futurama, Strangers Thing.
  • Video games :
    – Gameplay : Baldur’s Gate, Pillars of Eternity.
    – Scenario : The Time Travellers, Guilty, Beneath A Steel Sky
    – Humor : All LucasArt games.
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  • Explore an unknown galaxy on foot, in speeder or in hyperspace with your space ship,
  • More than 5 planets to explore through more than 100 maps and +40h of gameplay,
  • Manage your team in epic battles, worthy of the space opera references of our childhood,
  • A tribute to the cult films and video games of the 80s and 90s,
  • A simple gameplay but with a real challenge for all types of players thanks to the different game difficulty modes.


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[ish_icon_text align= »center »]KEYFRAMES :[/ish_icon_text]
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[ish_icon_text align= »center »]MAPS :[/ish_icon_text]
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[ish_icon_text align= »center »]CONCEPTS MAPS :[/ish_icon_text]
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[ish_icon_text align= »center »]CHARACTER DESIGN :[/ish_icon_text]
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[/ish_headline][ish_icon_text align= »left »]Soon available[/ish_icon_text]

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[ish_icon_text align= »left »]Name : Florent
Role : CEO & a little bit of everything
[ish_icon_text align= »left »]Name : Casper
Role : Character Design
[ish_icon_text align= »left »]Name : Kévin
Role : Music composition
[ish_icon_text align= »left »]Name : Lilian, Pascal, Jorys, Romain & Margaux
Previous Roles : DA, 2d, story and supports
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"Everything started with Florent who has been desperately waiting for a game for 20 years : a space opera with Baldur's Gate gameplay.

Passionate about video games since his childhood, but especially about the creative universe around him, he decides to do everything to make his dream come true. So he created his own video game studio to make the game he no longer expects.

It is at 35 years old and despite a busy work schedule that he starts... He has no experience in the code, but decides to learn alone via forums, videos, books... to see the feasibility and viability of the project. A few months later he managed to develop a first prototype game.


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He shares a Gaming Live session with a teaser and a project description on social networks and forums. 1 week later here is Lilian, with whom he decides to start the project, then Kevin, Sam Oz, then 2 trainees from the Jean TRUBERT school (Paris) as well as other people passing through, and that's it : the machine starts. Everything happens quickly, universes, characters are formed and the game takes on a whole new dimension.

So here we are today, presenting you our work and our universe from our gut. We hope that through this text we have shown you that this is certainly our first game, but we are passionate and will not give up. See you soon ! »


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[/ish_headline][ish_icon_text align= »left »]Web : https://childhood-dream.com/
email : studio@childhood-dream.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/CHDgamesStudio
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CHDgamesStudio[/ish_icon_text]

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[/ish_headline][ish_icon_text align= »left »]Web : https://www.thecrystalraiderstales.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/TCRTuniverse
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TCRTuniverse
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tcrtuniverse/[/ish_icon_text]